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2017 Annual Christmas Party

Saturday, December 16, 2017, 12:30 pm
Adams Inn, Best Western Hotel
29 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts

The Chapter 54 2017 Annual Christmas Party was held at the Adams Inn - Best Western Hotel in Quincy, Massachusetts on December 16, 2017. Check in was at 12:30 pm. The meal was served at 1:00 pm.

2017 Chapter 54 Xmas Party Cake

As with past years the traditional Chapter 54
Christmas Cake was present for the dinner desert.

George Durfee Honored

George Durfee has held a position as a Chapter 54 officer for the past 25 years. For much of that time he has served as the Chapter Treasurer - keeping the books, writing the checks, ensuring the solvency of the chapter, and ensuring all IRS regulations are observed and followed. George was honored with a certificate from the national headquarters of the Special Forces Association as well as with a certificate from the members of Chapter 54.

Durfee receives 25-Year Service Award from SFA National HQs

Chapter President Ken Gingras presents Chapter Treasurer George Durfee the
"25 Year Service Award" from the Special Forces Association National Headquarters.

Durfee receives Chapter 54 award

George Durfee receiving the Chapter 54 "Malcolm Kalp Award"
for his many years of service as a Chapter 54 officer and member.

Yankee Swap, Door Prize, and Bruins Tickets

Yankee Swap - Chapter 54 SFA 2017 Christmas Party

Yankee Swap and Door Prize

A Yankee Swap took place with attendees exchanging gifts and one lucky winner went home with the door prize. The 25th Anniversary Chapter 54 Coin, engraved pocket knives, and other items were available for purchase.

Bruins Ticket Raffle

There was a drawing for two Bruin tickets (raffle tickets were sent by mail earlier this winter). Kevin Paicos and Linda Perchard operated the raffle ticket drum (seen on left side of table in the photo above).  The winner of the two Bruins tickets was E. Bachand, Jr. of Auburn, Maine. After expenses were covered for mailing the raffle tickets the Chapter was able to fund the Chapter 54 Scholarship Program with an additional $1,350.00. The Chapter 54 Scholarship Program is now funded from 2018 to 2021 thanks to everyones generous donations.

Contribution to Home for Little Wanderers

Home for Little Wanderers

Chapter 54 made a donation worth $970 to the Boston area "Home for Little Wanderers". Toys and clothing were donated at the beginning of the holiday season for a needy cause. Kevin and Anne Paicos were the organizers of this activity. Kevin provided a poster on display during the Christmas party describing the gifts contributed by the Chapter. (See www.thehome.org)

2017 Xmas Party - Chapter 54 contribution to Home for Little Wanderers

2017 Xmas Party - Sharing Past Memories

Steve Chromiak, Bob Perchard, Kevin Paicos, and Bernie Wilensky
shared some past memories during the 2017 Christmas Party.

2017 Xmas Party - Chapter 54 Special Forces Association

After the social hour Chapter members enjoyed a buffet meal with friends. The dinner was
followed by the awards to George Durfee, Yankee Swap, Bruins ticket raffle, and other events.

Chapter 54 2017 Annual Xmas Party

The Christmas Party was held at the Adams Inn - Best Western Hotel
in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was located just off the major highway running
north-south through Boston with wonderful views of the Neponset River.

Map Adams Inn Quincy Mass


LTC William F. Buckley
Memorial Chapter

Serving Green Berets
in Massachusetts
and Beyond

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