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Scholarship Program

The Chapter 54 Scholarship Program is designed to provide educational grants to dependents, children and grandchildren of chapter members in good standing to assist them in their pursuit of further education following high school in an undergraduate, graduate or vocational study program. Each year the Chapter 54 Scholarship Committee reviews all applications received and recommends the number and amount of scholarships to be awarded, subject to the review and final approval by the Chapter 54 Executive Committee based on budgetary considerations.


Applicants must be the dependent spouse, child or grandchild of a Chapter 54 member in good standing, or of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of death. High school applicants must have already been accepted by, or be in attendance at, the accredited college, university, junior college or vocational institute at which the scholarship will be applied.


1. Applications will be accepted from March 31st to May 31st.

2. There is no formal application form, but applicants must submit all the following seven documents to be considered eligible:

 a. A Sponsor Letter from the Chapter 54 member stating his full name, member number, relationship to the applicant, and why the applicant should be considered for the award. Members must be in good standing to be a sponsor.

 b. A Personal Letter from the applicant that includes the following:
        i. The applicant's full contact information (name, address, telephone number, and
           and email address.
        ii. The applicant's educational and career plans and aspirations.
        iii. Planned courses of study and why this particular school was chosen.

 c. Copies of most recent Transcripts and SAT or ACT scores, whichever is higher.
       (Taking these tests multiple times to achieve higher scores is encouraged.)

 d. A Summary of Activities and Achievements in the following areas:
        i. Academic Honors and Awards (Honor Roll, National Honor Society, AP, and
          Honors classes, other evidence of scholastic achievement)
        ii. Athletic Participation and Awards (Sports and years played, team and individual
           honors or awards received: Captain, MVP, Most Improved, State Champions, etc.)
        iii. Extracurrivular Activities (Music, drama, language, social or tech clubs)
        iv. Non-School Activities (Work, volunteer, church, service programs) If a gap year
             has been taken, explain why.

 e. An Evaluation Letter from the applicant's Guidance Counselor (or Principal if there is no GC - No teacher letters) describing specific actions, characteristics or qualities that illustrate why the applicant should receive the award.

f. A copy of the Acceptance Letter from the school where the applicant is enrolled.

g. Essays (Two separate responses, 300 - 500 words each):
        i. Discuss what you feel is the one most pressing issue in America today, and
           what should be done to address it.
        ii. Please describe a time when you felt you lived the Special Forces moto,
            "De Oppresso Liber," ("To free the oppressed"). What happened and what
            was the outcome.

3. The items listed above must be consolidated into one PDF file in the order listed and submitted to the Chairman of the Chapter 54 Scholarship Committee.

4. Applications will only be accepted through the Chapter 54 website.

Evaluation and Award

1. Applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee on an equal, objective basis according to the following weighted scale:

a. Sponsor Letter           5%
b. Personal Letter        15%
c. Transcripts               35%
d. Activities                   30%
e. Evaluation Letter        5%
f. Acceptance Letter       0%
g. Essays                      10%               

2. Upon approval of the Scholarship Committee recommendation, awardees will be notified by the Chairman via email and a Certificate of Award will be sent via USPS mail. Other applicants will also be notified that they did not receive an award, but they should apply again the following year.

3. Awardees may be invited to a Chapter 54 meeting to receive their Certificate of Award in person provided meeting dates and availabilty of personnel involved are compatible.

4. Awardees must complete a full semester of school following award of the scholarship in order to receive it.

5. Proof of completion (Copy of transcript or proof of enrollment for next semester) shall be sent to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, along with the address of the Registrar or Treasurer to whom the payment should be sent.

6. Payment will be sent directly to the school concerned, with instructions to apply the payment to the tuition cost for the student.

7. No payments will be made directly to the student.

The above guidelines are as of February 2024. Questions regarding the SFA Chapter 54 Scholarship Program my be directed to any committee member.

Fred Rice - Chairman, fcrice@comcast.net

Bob DelPonte - bobdelponte@gmail.com

Alan Kornacki - alan_kornaki@earthlink.net

All completed application packages should be sent to the Scholarship Committee Chairman, Fred Rice, at fcrice@comcast.net with the title "SFA Chapter 54 Scholarship Application".

The Scholarship Program policy can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format:



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